Hi, I’m Fletcher!


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and my journey to becoming the founder and CEO of Odyssea by Fletcher SCUBA Co.


I developed a love of nature and a strong work ethic by growing up on a working farm in Massachusetts. My days were spent riding horses, shearing sheep, and cleaning out chicken coops. As I grew older I eventually moved to the city to attend University. After school I began to have this longing for something deeper than I understood at the time. I tried out being a real estate agent, an EMT, a ski patrol ranger and a bartender, but nothing sparked that passion inside of me that I was looking for.

I began a quest to find my purpose in this life – so I sold all of my belongings and headed to the west coast – knowing I wanted to get as close to the ocean as possible. I suddenly came across an opportunity to get SCUBA certified on Oahu, HI with my role model – my mother. This experience single handedly changed my life. We got to dive alongside historical ship wrecks, giant sea turtles, and a wide array of beautiful sharks. It was clear to me then of how sacred, beautiful, and mysterious our oceans really are. And how much they are worth saving.


There is wisdom that is gained after every dive and I couldn’t get enough of it.


1000+ dives and years later, I received another opportunity to work on shark, turtle, and coral restoration projects amongst wildlife biologists, fellow conservationists, and activists off the cost of Bali, Indonesia. In between research dives, I trained to become a rescue diver which later led to me obtaining my professional Dive Master certification.

When the opportunity of a life time came to a close, I found myself back in San Diego dreaming of my next diving experience. I was working at a local brewery Downtown at the time the pandemic hit, which meant millions of us in the service industry went without jobs. What a blessing in disguise this was for me.

I used this opportunity to earn my Master Instructor rating in Key Largo, Florida at one of the best dive schools in the world. I was determined to start my own company so I created Odyssea by Fletcher LLC, to share this passion I have for the ocean with the rest of the world. I’m thrilled to say this life long quest of mine to find my purpose in life has led me here to you.

I can’t wait to share my passion, knowledge, and experience diving in the world’s oceans with you. Scuba diving will give you access to witnessing worlds unknown, to coming closer to wildlife than you thought was possible and to respecting something that is much greater than oneself.

Come dive with me and join the adventure of a lifetime!

Recognized 2021 for being an PADI Elite diver

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