Our Partners

We are proud to partner with leading dive institutions to provide our students the best learning experience possible.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

We support our friends at Sea Shepard and promote the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle with the use of repurposed weights recovered from ghost nets pulled from the Sea of Cortez.

Ghost nets are responsible for trapping and killing millions of marine animals including sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins, and whales. After removal, the lead is melted down and recast into scuba diving weights.



We are proud to partner with the YMCA of San Diego to offer pool sessions to our students.

The YMCA of San Diego County is dedicated to improving the quality of human life and to helping all people realize their fullest potential. We are proud to support their mission while fostering a new generation of passionate scuba divers.

Gili Shark Preservation


The Gili Shark Conservation Project is an award-winning conservation and data collection program and the first of its kind in the Gili Islands in Indonesia.

Fueled by a passion for shark research, we assisted in the dedication of a unique marine protected area. Working alongside local fisherman, we provided educational opportunities to shifting their perspective on shark finning practices to the importance of ecotourism, ensuring this keystone species’ future.

Pier Nirandara


Pier Nirandara is an author, film producer, and underwater photographer. She began her career as Thailand’s youngest English-writing author of three #1 national bestselling novels, multiple graphic novels, and short stories with more than 200,000 copies sold in multiple languages.

Pier is also a PADI AmbassaDiver™ and the founder of Hollywood Sharks, the industry’s first diving club, and leads expeditions to swim with marine wildlife. An advocate for solo female travel, she has visited over 90 countries across 7 continents. She can be found in Los Angeles and @piersgreatperhaps.

Project Aware


Project AWARE supports divers acting in their own communities to protect the ocean, with a focus on implementing lasting change in two core areas: shark conservation and marine litter.

With a mission to connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation, Project AWARE collaborates, co-creates and partners with individuals, governments, NGOS and businesses that share their vision for a return to a clean and healthy ocean, to create both local and global change.

Ocean Enterprises


We are proud to partner with one of San Diego’s leading dive shops for our gear.

We’re also proud to offer a discount to all Odyssey students on dive gear purchased through Ocean Enterprises.

Waterhorse Charters


We are proud to partner with Waterhorse Charters to provide premier boat dive experiences for our students.

Waterhorse is one of only two boating companies in San Diego and prides itself on friendliness, humor, and caring attitude towards customers that hop aboard for dives.

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