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Terrifying, yet profoundly misunderstood, this specialty prepares you for diving alongside sharks. Seasonal Dive April - July

  • Customized class times to fit your schedule
  • PADI Open Water Diver certification required
  • Includes two open ocean sessions

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What to Expect

1 to 2 Days

The dives can be taken simultaneously or broken up

Two Dives

One pool session, one ocean sessions

classroom work
2-4 hours

By exploring various aspects of the shark topic, you can cultivate a well-rounded learning journey that fosters a heightened awareness of the need to protect marine life

Shark Diver: Embrace the Majesty and Mystery of Sharks

Sharks, the apex predators of the ocean, evoke a mix of awe, fascination, and often, misunderstanding. Our Shark Diver specialty aims to dispel common misconceptions and prepare you for the exhilarating experience of diving alongside these magnificent creatures. Get ready to embrace the majesty and mystery of sharks, as we dive into their world and explore the depths of our understanding.

Sharks have long been surrounded by myths and misconceptions that paint them as terrifying creatures. However, through education and firsthand experience, we aim to foster a deeper appreciation for these vital components of marine ecosystems. Our Shark Diver specialty seeks to enhance your understanding of shark behavior, promote conservation efforts, and provide you with the skills and knowledge to dive safely in their presence.

During our Shark Diver specialty, our expert instructors will guide you through the essentials of shark diving. You’ll learn about different shark species, their unique characteristics, and the critical roles they play in maintaining the health of our oceans. We’ll discuss shark behavior, diving techniques, and safety protocols to ensure you feel confident and prepared for shark encounters.

Through responsible shark diving practices, we can contribute to the conservation of these remarkable creatures. Our instructors will emphasize the importance of respectful behavior, minimizing disturbances, and maintaining a safe distance to ensure the well-being of both divers and sharks. You’ll also gain insights into ongoing research and conservation efforts aimed at protecting shark populations and their habitats.

Diving alongside sharks is an awe-inspiring experience that allows you to witness their grace, power, and natural behaviors up close. You’ll have the opportunity to observe their swimming patterns, feeding habits, and interactions with other marine life. Our instructors will help you understand the importance of maintaining a calm and relaxed demeanor to foster a peaceful coexistence with these magnificent creatures.

The Shark Diver specialty is suitable for divers of various levels of experience, from beginners seeking to understand and overcome shark-related fears to experienced divers looking to expand their knowledge and encounter different shark species. We’ll tailor the training to your specific needs, ensuring that you gain the confidence and skills necessary for unforgettable shark encounters.

Enroll in our Shark Diver specialty and embark on a journey that will challenge preconceived notions and allow you to witness the true beauty and importance of sharks in our world. Contact us today and let us guide you through the profound experience of diving alongside these misunderstood creatures. Together, we can promote a deeper understanding, respect, and conservation of sharks, turning fear into admiration and helping to protect these vital guardians of the ocean.

Prepare to dive into the depths with sharks, as we unravel their mysteries and witness their awe-inspiring presence. The world of sharks awaits—join us on this extraordinary adventure.


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